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The fusion of indomitable creative spirit of a designer and ingenuity of prodigy Jacob Arabo, created Jacob watches. When something is an embodiment of passion, it is bound to be a success. Jacob co watches , though a young brand in the field of Swiss haute horology are already a symbol of power, status and elegance. In 2002, Jacob brought out his first masterpiece in the world” The Five Time Zone Collection”, This timepiece was a classic marriage of imagination of a designer and multiple time zone technology. Jacob drew the inspiration of this classic from the fast moving, nomadic lifestyles of actors, musicians, models, sportsmen like David Beckhem, Sir Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Naomi Campbell to name a few.
This aesthetically designed hi-tech watch is available in varied design and sizes appeals to both men and women. Since their launch they have become one of the most preferred watches for travelers across the world. As an example of the creativity the designer, one of the extensions of “The five time zone collection” is “The world is yours” in this the maestro has experimented with variety of colored diamonds to depict map of the world.
If you are the one who would make rules instead of going by them then Replica Jacob watch is your go. Replica Jacob watch is a beautifully designed masterpiece with weight, engravings, logo, dimensions exactly similar to the genuine one. Powered by reliable Japanese automatic movement, with top quality stainless steel case our Replica Jacob watch
Our Replica Jacob watch exude confluence of technology and looks. Available in scratch resistant sapphire crystal case and leather straps these replica watches have many useful features, and a robust construction for standing against daily wear and tear. Don’t suppress your desire of possessing one of these masterpieces with our Replica Jacob watch get your quality pick at a reasonable price.

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Kaloyan BanevJune 21st, 2010 at 10:57 am

I think nowadays everything is replica, I used to have a factory in China doing matrix design. Next to my factory was licensed Rolex factory. I think all the goods are made or assembled overseas nowadays. The most important is just to get the best price and fast shipping.

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